How we work


Our model of customized business consulting shows your sales and marketing the way to new markets. The connecting goal is common market success.

Together with you, we develop individual working models that ensure the connections, responsibilities and the flow of information with the new markets and intelligently connect the instruments. Uniform and proven strategies secure communication with new partners abroad, thereby minimizing the risk of default.

In addition to market potential, international market cultivation depends on cooperation between headquarters and country organizations. We help you with our experiences to understand new business cultures and make them useful for your sales team. Even if you insist on a globally uniform approach, for example in the field of brand management, local and regional market realities must be integrated.

  1. Market analysis and market preparation Together with your team, we develop marketing concepts that are aligned with your corporate strategy and business processes. In the market analysis, we show you consumer, dealers, suppliers, (potential) customers, competitors or associations that can generate new added value for your company. Market potential, information on the competition, product requirements and product trends are important indicators that we develop with local partners and make available to you. Of course, these services can be extended or limited as needed.
  2. Sales strategies for market acquisition So that your sales department and your back office can profitably implement the established sales strategy in the new target country, we develop the right local sales concept together with your team. On request, we can find locally established, bilingual service companies for you. These help you to make the administrative costs for site search, taxes, law, customs and personnel in the start-up phase clear and predictable. Despite everything: success factor number one remains the human being. He needs professional and methodical skills as well as a sales personality who has to deal with the new business culture of the country.
  3. Market protection Market protection is more than just a strategy for customer loyalty. Your company should be recognized as a local company by your new customers over the long term. The basis for this success is the fundamental understanding of all customer expectations in the involved divisions. We advise you on conception, implementation and personnel development with the addition of experienced specialized network partners who speak your language and the language of the customer. Because only the assurance of the long-term market success ensures you the business success.